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Why Managed Services?

  • Proactive network monitoring to ensure smooth operation
  • Robust cybersecurity measures for enhanced protection
  • Regular software updates to maintain performance
  • Reliable data backup and recovery solutions
  • Dedicated help desk support for immediate assistance
The list goes on and on…..


Basic Workstation Support

Basic workstation support includes troubleshooting, maintenance, and optimization of your computers to ensure they operate efficiently and securely.

Priced per Device

Basic Network Support

Networking support involves managing and optimizing your network infrastructure to ensure reliable, secure, and high-performance connectivity across your organization.

Priced per Location

Small Business Total Support

Includes both Workstation and Network support for a small business.

Priced based on number of devices and location

Large Business Total Support

Includes both Workstation and Network support for a large business.

Priced based on number of devices and location

Basic Workstation Support

Remote Management

Remote desktop management enables efficient remote assistance for promptly addressing any operational issues your company may encounter.


Software Management

Software management encompasses the installation, configuration, maintenance, and updates of programs on a computer system.


Performance Monitoring

We will monitor your workstation’s performance to diagnose issues and implement effective solutions promptly.


Security Patches

We ensure your workstations receive the latest OS security patches to safeguard your devices and company from external threats.


Feature OS Upgrades

We will support your company through the upgrade process to the latest operating system version.


New Workstation Setups

We will establish a standard procedure for setting up your workstations and install all necessary software on the devices.


Basic Networking Support

Dual WAN Solutions

We recommend using two separate internet connections to minimize downtime from outages and optimize network traffic for consistent performance.


Contact ISP for Outages

We can contact your ISP to report and manage internet outages, handling the process on your behalf.


Business Grade Equipment

We will configure and install business-grade equipment to enable remote management and monitoring of your environment.


Connectivity Troubleshooting

We will troubleshoot issues when devices experience difficulties connecting to the company network.


Performance Monitoring

We will monitor your network performance to identify and resolve issues that may be causing slowness.


Security Management

We will manage network security by ensuring equipment is up-to-date, implementing firewall rules, and segregating networks used by clients/customers.


Why Choose Us

Personalized Service

Direct communication with the owner ensures tailored IT solutions and a deep commitment to your business success.

Proactive Support

Our proactive approach minimizes downtime and enhances productivity through regular maintenance and timely updates.

Rapid Response Times

Our dedicated support team ensures quick and efficient resolution of any IT issues, minimizing disruptions to your business operations.

Expertise and Experience

Our team brings extensive knowledge and industry experience, providing reliable and efficient IT support tailored to your needs.

Our Team

Working directly with the business owner ensures personalized, dedicated service. My deep commitment and quick decision-making provide tailored IT solutions, fostering a trust-based relationship. Partner with us for exceptional care and results focused on your success.

Arturo Pichardo


Austin Prechtel


Keep Your Business Open with Reliable IT Services!

Great IT services enhance business efficiency, reduce downtime, bolster security, and drive innovation, ultimately leading to increased productivity and profitability.


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